Environmental Protection

At Staunton Foods we are committed to environmental protection and the broader integration of environmental and economic priorities, in all aspects of our business.

We operate in compliance with all relevant legislation and will strive to adhere to Environmental Best Practices and achieve pollution prevention in all aspects of our business.

Staunton Foods is an accredited EPA licenced facility and Origin Green Gold certified sustainability member, recognition of our continued commitment to sustainable and environmental initiatives.

Environmental certification/initiatives implemented include:

Accredited Origin Green Gold Sustainability member with annual rollout of environmental initiatives.
EPA licenced facility, meeting strict environmental regulations and requirements to ensure no environmental impact on the surrounding ecosystem.
Modern and fully operational wastewater treatment system on the facility.
Water conservation measures – promote water recycling through implementation of rainwater harvesting system in the facility.
Increased biodiversity areas on the facility, through planting of biodiversity rich tree species and the installation of green and pollination areas to benefit local wildlife.
Efficient waste management – increased recycling & reduced waste production.
Implementation of measures to reduce the carbon footprint onsite through energy efficient technologies, and in our supply chain by ensuring our upstream and downstream suppliers are sustainably certified.