Health and Safety

Health & Safety at Staunton Foods

Staunton Foods Ltd prides itself as a company for putting safety first. The company operates a comprehensive safety management system across site.

The company has the ability and expertise to be able to plan and execute even the most complex of operations in a safe manner. We have recently installed some of the highest standard safety machinery in our factory which delivers an unprecedented safety system.

To meet our responsibilities and comply with relevant legislation and other requirements Staunton Foods will ensure the following:
Providing a working environment that is safe.
Performance to prevent injury and ill-health and the continuous improvement in Occupational Health & Safety management.

Employees First

Mental wellbeing has become an important part of the overall Health & Safety in the workplace and we work in partnership with our Occupational Health services to provide information and appropriate professional care for our staff through one to one appointments and access to online portals.

Employees are encouraged to engage in all health and safety matters in the promotion and development of a safety culture and to set health & safety targets for the company.

Risk Assesment

Risk assessments are undertaken to identify any hazards and appropriate controls are put in place to reduce any risk to the health and safety of workers, visitors and persons who may be affected by the company’s activities.

Information, instruction, training & supervision is provided for all employees so as to ensure that all tasks are undertaken in a safe manner and that all employees understand their role in achieving the company’s health and safety standards.